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Use AdminApp to manage applications.

AdminApp communicates with the application management run time object to...

Changes made to an application are kept in the configuration session, similar to other configuration data.

  1. Save changes to transfer data from the configuration session to the master repository.
  2. Sync changes to transfer data from the master repository to the nodes.

Run the scripting client in local mode on a node machine is not supported. Node agents and managed appservers cannot update the configuration they are just synchronized copies of the master configuration residing in the dmgr.

Local mode on the dmgr machine is available, but is not recommended if a running server is available. Configuration changes made in local mode will not be reflected in the running server configuration and vice versa. If we save a conflicting configuration, you could corrupt the configuration.

Configuration updates are available only if a scripting client is connected to a dmgr.

Always try to connect the scripting client to a dmgr.


List all available commands for AdminApp

Use Jacl:

$AdminApp help



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