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The Help object provides general help, online information about running MBeans, and help on messages.

Use the Help object to obtain general help for the other objects supplied by wsadmin for scripting: the AdminApp, AdminConfig, AdminTask, and AdminControl objects. For example, using Jacl, $Help AdminApp or using Jython, Help.Adminapp(), provides information about the AdminApp object and the available commands.

The Help object also to provides interface information about MBeans running in the system. The commands that you use to get online information about the running MBeans include:

We can also use the Help object to obtain information about messages using the message command. The message command provides aid to understand the cause of a warning or error message and find a solution for the problem. For example, you receive a WASX7115E error when running the AdminApp install command to install an application, use the following example:


$Help message WASX7115E


print Help.message('WASX7115E')

For example...

Explanation: wsadmin failed to read an ear file when preparing to copy it to a temporary location for AdminApp processing. User action: Examine the wsadmin.traceout log file to determine the problem; there may be file permission problems.

The user action specifies the recommended action to correct the problem. It is important to understand that in some cases the user action may not be able to provide corrective actions to cover all the possible causes of an error. It is an aid to provide you with information to troubleshoot a problem.

To see a list of all available commands for the Help object, see the Commands for the Help object article or we can also use the Help command...


$Help help





Commands for the Help object