Specify extent of protection wizard settings

Use this security wizard page to determine whether to enable application security and restrict access to local resources. When you use the wizard, admin security is enabled by default.

To view this security wizard page, click Security > Global security > Security configuration wizard.

Enable application security

Enables security for the applications in the environment. This type of security provides application isolation and requirements for authenticating application users

In previous releases of WAS, when a user enabled global security, both admin and application security were enabled. In WAS V6.1, the previous notion of global security is split into administrative security and application security, each of which we can enable separately.

As a result of this split, WAS clients must know whether application security is disabled at the target server. Administrative security is enabled, by default. Application security is disabled, by default. To enable application security, enable administrative security. Application security is in effect only when administrative security is enabled.

Default: Disabled

Use Java 2 security to restrict application access to local resources

Whether to enable or disable Java™ 2 security permission checking. By default, access to local resources is not restricted. We can choose to disable Java 2 security, even when application security is enabled.

When the Use Java 2 security to restrict application access to local resources option is enabled and if an application requires more Java 2 security permissions than are granted in the default policy, the application might fail to run properly until the required permissions are granted in either app.policy or was.policy of the application. AccessControl exceptions are generated by applications that do not have all the required permissions. See the related links for more information about Java 2 security.

Default: Disabled


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