Federated repository wizard settings

Use this security wizard page to complete the basic requirements to connect the appserver to a federated repository.

To view this security wizard page, complete the following steps

  1. Click...

  2. Select the protection settings and click Next.

  3. Select the Federated repositories option and click Next.

We can modify the federated repository configuration...

  1. Click...

      Security | Global security

  2. Under User account repository, select...

      Federated repositories | Configure

This wizard is used for the initial configuration of a built-in, file-based repository. The user name and password do not have to be in the federated repository because they will be created. If we have previously configured federated repositories, do not use the Security configuration wizard to modify the configuration. Instead, modify the configuration using the Federated repositories selection under User account repository on the Global security panel.

Primary administrative user name

Name of the user with admin privileges that is defined in the repository, for example, adminUser.

The user name is used to log on to the admin console when administrative security is enabled. V6.1 requires an admin user that is distinct from the server user identity so that admin actions can be audited.

In WAS, Vs 5.x and 6.0.x, a single user identity is required for both admin access and internal process communication. When migrating to V6.1, this identity is used as the server user identity. specify another user for the admin user identity.

of the administrative user who manages WAS resources and user accounts.

Confirm password

Confirms the password of the administrative user who manages WAS resources and user accounts.


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