Set the Web server plug-in for SSL



WAS has an internal HTTP transport that accepts HTTP requests. If we install an external HTTP server, the Web server plug-in forwards requests to this internal HTTP transport.


Set the Web server plug-in for SSL

  1. Create a directory on the Web server host for storing the key ring file that is referenced by the plug-in and associated files...


  2. From the admin console, click...

    Servers | Web servers | webserver | Plug-in properties | Manage keys and certificates

    By default, we can change the password used to protect the key store.

  3. Click OK.

  4. To copy the key store and to stash files to a managed web server, click...

    Web server keystores

    For non-managed Web servers, use FTP to copy them.

  5. Under Additional Properties, we can also select one of the following:

    Signer certificates Add, delete, extract, and retrieve certificates
    Personal certificates Create, delete, import, and export chained or self-signed certificates
    Personal certificate requests Manage personal certificate requests.
    Custom properties Define custom properties for the key store.


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