Signer certificates collection

To manage signer certificates in key stores...

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Signer certificates are used by JSSE to validate certificates sent by the remote side of the connection during an SSL handshake.

If a signer does not exist in the trust store that can validate the certificate sent, the handshake fails and generates an "unknown certificate" error.

Button Resulting action
Add Add a new trusted (signer) certificate.
Delete Delete an existing signer certificate.
Extract Extract a signer certificate from a personal certificate to a file.
Retrieve from port Make a test connection to an SSL port and retrieve the signer from the server during the handshake. The information from the certificate will be displayed so we can decide whether to trust it based upon the MD5 and/or SHA hash.
Alias Alias for this signer certificate in the key store.
Issued to Distinguished name of the entity that requested the certificate.
Fingerprint (SHA digest) Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA hash) of the certificate.

Verifies the hash for the certificate at another location, such as the client side of a connection.

Expiration Expiration date of the signer certificate for validation purposes.


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