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Install the IBM HTTP Server product and its plug-in, or install a plug-in for another supported Web server to enable the Web server to work with WAS.

To use a Web server other than IBM HTTP Server, install and configure the Web server before or after installing WAS v7, but before installing the Web server plug-ins for WAS.


What to do next

After installing the Web server and the appserver, install the appropriate Web server plug-in for a supported, installed Web server. No further configuration is required for most Web servers.

The Plug-ins installation wizard configures supported Web servers. We can also manually configure supported Web servers for WAS

The Global Security Kit (GSKit) installation image files for the WebSphere Web server plug-ins are packaged on the CD with the Web server plug-in files. To use GSKIT, we can download the appropriate GSKIT file to the workstation on which the Web server is running.


Avoid trouble: If we encounter a problem while installing the GSKIT file in a Solaris 10 local zone, see the Considerations for installing GSKit with IBM HTTP Server V6.0 and V6.1 and WAS plugin V6.0 and V6.1 in Solaris Zones technote for a possible solution to the problem.


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