Set servers with scripting

Use wsadmin to configure appservers in your environment. An appserver configuration provides settings that control how an appserver provides services for running applications and their components.

After installing WAS ND, we might need to configure additional options for the appserver. With wsadmin, we can use the commands for the AdminTask and AdminConfig objects to retrieve configuration IDs and invoke operations on the objects to configure the appserver. Alternatively, we can use the script library to perform specific operations to configure the appservers. The scripting library provides a set of procedures to automate the most common appserver administration functions. We can run each script procedure individually, or combine several procedures to quickly develop new scripts.

We might need to complete one or more of the following tasks to configure the appserver:


Create a server using scripting
Set the Java virtual machine using scripting
Set EJB containers using scripting
Set the Performance Monitoring Infrastructure using scripting
Limiting the growth of JVM log files using scripting
ProxyManagement command group for the AdminTask object
Set an ORB service using scripting
Set processes using scripting
Set the runtime transaction service using scripting
Set port numbers to the serverindex.xml file using scripting
Disable components using scripting
Disable the trace service using scripting
Set servlet caching with scripting
Modify variables using scripting
Increasing the Java virtual machine heap size using scripting
PortManagement command group for the AdminTask object
DRS command group for the AdminTask object
DynamicCache command group for the AdminTask object
VariableConfiguration command group for the AdminTask object


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