Introduction: Object Request Broker



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WAS ND v7.0 uses an ORB to manage communication between client applications and server applications as well as among product components. These Java EE standard services are relevant to the ORB:

The ORB provides a framework for clients to locate objects in the network and call operations on those objects as though the remote objects were located in the same running process as the client, providing location transparency.

Object Request Broker (ORB)

An Object Request Broker (ORB) manages the interaction between clients and servers, using the IIOP. It enables clients to make requests and receive responses from servers in a network-distributed environment.

Logical pool distribution (LPD) thread pool

Implements a strategy for improving the performance of requests that have shorter run times. Do not configure LPD unless we have already configured it in a previous release of WAS. LPD is a deprecated function and will be removed in a future version of WAS ND.

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