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Security | SSL certificate and key management | Configuration settings | Manage endpoint security configurations | {Inbound | Outbound} | ssl_configuration

From this page we can navigate to configuration panels for the following...


SSL configuration scope, which is derived from the selected object in the hierarchy.

Data type: Text


Direction for which the SSLConfig applies. Inbound refers to any listener port. Outbound refers to outbound end point connections.

Data type: Text

SSL configuration

SSL configuration used by requests at this scope.

Data type: Text

Update certificate alias list

Certificate aliases contained in the key store for this SSL configuration can be selected from the Certificate alias in key store list. You must update the certificate list after choosing a different SSL configuration alias. If we do not update the list, you will save a certificate alias not contained in the SSL configuration.

Manage certificates

Specifies to open the keystore panel for the key store in this SSL configuration, which enables you to manage personal certificates, signers, and certificate requests.

Certificate alias in key store

Certificate to use in the key store.

If we select None, the Java™ Secure Sockets Extension (JSSE) key manager determines which certificate is used. If multiple certificates exist in the key store, the key manager might not consistently select the same certificate.

Data type: Text


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