Key sets collection

To manage key sets, which control a set of key instances of the same type for use in cryptographic operations. The keys can either be generated using a custom class or reference keys that already exist in a keystore.

To view this admin console page, click Security > SSL certificate and key management. Under Configuration settings, click Manage endpoint security configurations > {Inbound | Outbound} > ssl_configuration. Under Related items, click Key sets.

Table 1. Key set buttons

Button Resulting action
New Adds a new key set.
Delete Deletes an existing key set. Make sure the key set is not referenced by a key set group before deleting it.

Key set name

Specifies the key set name used to select the key set from a key set group and from runtime APIs.

Key store

Specifies the key store that contains the keys for storage, retrieval, or both.

Key alias prefix name

Prefix for the key alias when a new key is generated and stored in a key store. The rest of the key alias comes from the key reference version number.

For example, if the alias prefix is mykey and the key reference version is 2, the keystore references the key using alias mykey_2. If the key reference already has a specified alias for a key already existing in the keystore, this field is ignored.


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