Key managers collection

To define the implementation settings for key managers. A key manager is invoked during an SSL handshake to determine which certificate alias is used. The default key manager (WSX509KeyManager) performs alias selection. If more advanced function is desired, define a custom key manager on the Manage endpoint security configurations panel.

To view this admin console page, click Security > SSL certificate and key management. Under Configuration settings, click Manage endpoint security configurations > {Inbound | Outbound} > ssl_configuration. Under Related items, click Key managers.

Table 1. Key managers buttons

Button Resulting action
New Adds a new key manager that can be selected by an SSL configuration. A key manager is invoked during an SSL handshake to select a specific certificate alias to use from a key store.
Delete Deletes an existing key manager. The key manager should not be referenced by any SSL configuration before we can delete it.


Name of the key manager, which we can select on the SSL configuration panel.

Class name

Name of the key manager implementation class.

This class implements interface and, optionally, the interface.


Algorithm name of the key manager that is implemented by the selected provider.


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