Replacing an existing self-signed certificate

Occasionally, we need to replace an existing or expired self-signed certificate with a new certificate. Certificates are referenced in the runtime configuration by the SSL Configuration object and the Dynamic SSL Configuration Selection object. We can replace a certificate with a new certificate alias reference or with a new signer certificate.

The current certificate and the certificate replacement must exist in the same keystore before we can replace a certificate. Alternative Method: To replace a self-signed certificate by using wsadmin, use the replaceCertificate command of AdminTask. For more information, see PersonalCertificateCommands.

Complete the following steps in the admin console:


  1. Click Security > SSL certificate and key management > Manage endpoint security configurations > {Inbound | Outbound} > ssl_configuration > Key stores and certificates > [keystore ].

  2. Under Additional Properties, click Personal certificates.

  3. Select the certificate to be replaced. The alias list must include the certificate to be replaced and the certificate to replace it with.

  4. Click Replace.

  5. Select a replacement certificate alias from the list.

  6. We can delete one of the following types of certificates:

    • Select Delete old certificate to delete the existing or expired certificate.

    • Select Delete old signers to delete the existing signer certificates.

  7. Click Apply.



Your results depend on what you selected:

SSL configurations
Dynamic outbound selection of SSL configurations
Keystore configurations for SSL