Replace a certificate

To specify two certificates: the first selected certificate is replaced by the second selected certificate. The replace function replaces all the old signer certificates in key stores that are managed throughout the cell with the new signer from the new certificate. The same level of trust that was established with the old certificate is maintained. All places the certificate's alias is referenced in the security configuration will be replaced with the certificate's alias. The alias could be referenced on a security object like the SSL configuration, the dynamic outbound endpoint SSL configuration and key set groups.

To view this admin console page, click Security > SSL certificate and key management. Under Configuration settings, click Manage endpoint security configurations > {Inbound | Outbound} > ssl_configuration. Under Related items, click Key stores and certificates > key store . Under Additional Properties click Personal certificates. Select a personal certificate, then click the Replace button.

Old certificate

Certificate to replace.

Data type: Text

Replace with

Certificate to replace the old certificate.

Data type: Text
Default: (none)

Delete old certificate after replacement

Specifies to delete the old certificate and all associated signer certificates after the new certificate replaces it. If we do not replace the old personal certificate, it might be assigned a new alias name.

Default: Disabled

Delete old signers

Specifies to delete the old signer certificates that are associated with the old certificate after the new signer certificates replace them. If we do not delete the old signer certificates, they might be assigned new alias names.

Default: Disabled


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