Notifications settings

To set properties for new notifications used in certificate expiration monitors or for security audit subsystem failures.

To view this admin console page perform one of the following:


Notification name

Name of the notification configuration.

Data type: Text

Message log

This configuration will log the notification to a message log file.

Default: Disabled

Email sent to notification list

This configuration send a notification as an e-mail to the e-mail list.

Default: Disabled

Email address to add

E-mail addresses that are sent notifications.

Specify the SMTP server for each e-mail address. If an e-mail address is not specified, by default the appserver assumes that the SMTP server is "smtp-server." For example, if we type name@domain, the SMTP server will be smtp-server.domain.

Data type: Text (format as valid Internet mail address)


Adds the e-mail address to the right-hand list.


Removes the e-mail address from the right-hand list.

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server

SMTP server to be used with the e-mail address. If none is specified, the e-mail realm will be used.


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