Audit monitor collection

To configure audit subsystem failure notifications. The Auditor monitor panel lists the existing notification configurations and is the gateway for creating new notification configurations and for managing the existing notification configurations.

To view this admin console page, click Security > Security Auditing > Audit monitor.

Enable monitoring

Whether to enable or disable notifications. If the check box is selected, then monitoring is enabled. If the check box is not selected, then monitoring is disabled. This check box is disabled by default.

Monitor notification

Notification configuration that will be used for reporting audit subsystem failures.

Notification name

Specifies a string that uniquely identifies a notification configuration.

Message log

Specifies if the configuration will send failure notifications to the message log file. If the value is true, then failure notifications will be sent to the message log file. If the value is false, then failure notifications will be not be sent to the message log file. When creating a notification, this field is in the form of a check box and is not selected by default.

Send E-mail

Whether an e-mail notification is sent to the addresses listed in the List of e-mail addresses column.

List of e-mail addresses

E-mail addresses listed as recipients for e-mail notification in the event of an audit subsystem failure. No e-mail addresses are listed by default. E-mail addresses will appear in this column if they are listed in the notification list in the notification, this applies even when the E-mail sent to notification list check box is not selected in the notification.


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