Key sets settings

To set the properties for a new key set.

To view this admin console page, click Security > SSL certificate and key management. Under Configuration settings, click Manage endpoint security configurations > {Inbound | Outbound} > ssl_configuration. Under Related items, click Key sets. Then click the New button.

Key set name

Specifies the key set name used to select the key set from a key set group and from runtime APIs.

Data type: Text

Key alias prefix name

Prefix for the key alias when a new key is generated and stored in a keystore. The rest of the key alias comes from the key reference version number. For example, if the alias prefix is mykey and the key reference version is 2, the keystore references the key using alias mykey_2. If the key reference already has a specified alias for a key already existing in the keystore, this field is ignored.

Data type: Text

Key password

used to protect the key in the keystore. If a password is specified in the key reference as well, this password is ignored. This password is used for keys that get generated by a key generator class.

Data type: Text

Confirm password

Same password again to confirm it was entered correctly the first time.

Data type: Text

Key generator class name

Class name that generates keys. If the class implements, then a getKey() method should return a object that is set in the key store using the setKey method without a certificate chain. The key store type associated with the key set must support storing keys without certificates, such as JCEKS.

Data type: Text

If the class implements, then a getKeyPair() method should return a object containing either a and, or a[] and a The key generator class and the caller of the KeySetHelper API should know the details of the keys that are generated. This framework does not need to understand the key algorithms and lengths.

Maximum number of keys referenced

Maximum number of key instances that are returned when keys from this key set are requested. The oldest key reference gets removed whenever a new key reference gets generated after the maximum has been reached.

Data type: Integer
Default: 3

Key store

Specifies the key store that contains the keys for storage, retrieval, or both.

Data type: Text

Generates key pair

A key references a key pair instead of a key. The key pair contains both a public key and a private key.


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