Identify attributes and operations for running objects with the wsadmin tool



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Use scripting to identify attributes and operations for running objects.

Start the wsadmin scripting client

Find information on a running MBean in the server.

  1. Specify a running object.

  2. Display the attributes of the running object:

    • Jython...

    • Jacl...

      $Help attributes MBeanObjectName

  3. Find the operations that are supported by the MBean:

    • Jython...



      Help.operations(MBeanObjectname, operationName)
    • Jacl...

      $Help operations MBeanObjectname


      $Help operations MBeanObjectname operationName

    If we do not provide the operationName value, all the operations that are supported by the MBean return with the signature for each operation. If specify the operationName value, only the operation specified returns and it contains details which include the input parameters and the return value. To display the operations for the server MBean, use the following example:

    • Jacl...

      set server [$AdminControl completeObjectName type=Server,name=server1,*]
      $Help operations $server
    • Jython...

      server = AdminControl.completeObjectName('type=Server,name=server1,*')
      print Help.operations(server)

    To display detailed information about the stop operation, use the following example:

    • Jacl...

      $Help operations $server stop
    • Jython...

      print Help.operations(server, 'stop')

Help object for scripted administration


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