Enable authentication in the file transfer service using scripting

We can enable authentication in the file transfer service using scripting and wsadmin.

Before starting this task, wsadmin must be running. See the Start wsadmin article for more information.

In WAS ND, V5.0.1 or later, the file transfer service is enhanced to provide role-based authentication. Two versions of the file transfer Web application are provided. By default, the version that does not authenticate its caller is installed. This default supports compatibility between the WAS ND, V5.0 and V5.0.1 or later.

Turning the file transfer authentication on is recommended to prevent unauthorized use of the file transfer application; however, if we have any V5.0 clients in the ND environment, they cannot communicate with the secured file transfer application if global security is turned on.

In WAS V6.x, mixed cells are supported and file transfer has become a system application. If all of the nodes in the cell are of V5.0.1 or later, we can activate authentication in the file transfer service by redeploying the file transfer application at the dmgr. The compatible version is shipped in the APP_ROOT/systemApps/filetransfer.ear directory. The secured version is provided in the APP_ROOT/systemApps/filetransferSecured.ear directory.



What to do next

Restart the server for the change to take affect.

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