Delete multiple security domains

We can delete multiple security domains from the configuration. Remove the resources assigned to the security domains before deleting them. Only remove those security domains that are not needed in the security configuration.

Only users assigned to the administrator role can delete security domains. Enable global security in the environment before deleting security domains.

Read about Multiple security domains for a better understanding of what multiple security domains are and how they are supported in this version of WAS.

Security domains provide a mechanism to use different security settings for admin applications and user applications. They also provide the ability to support multiple security settings so different applications can use different security attributes like user registry or login configurations. Perform the following steps to delete an existing security domain using the admin console:

Only delete the security domains after first removing any resources associated with them. The servers impacted should be restarted.


  1. Click Security > Security domains.

  2. On the Security domains collection page, select a domain to delete.

  3. Click Delete.


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