Change the number of active LTPA keys

Key sets manage Lightweight Third Party Authentication (LTPA) keys in a key store that is based on a key alias prefix. A key alias prefix is automatically generated when you generate a new key and store it in a key store. Key stores can contain multiple versions of keys for any given key alias prefix. We can specify a maximum number of active keys in the key set configuration. You must know the name of the key set group and the management scope where the key set group is defined.

The default key set group is CellLTPAKeySetGroup. Complete the following steps in the admin console.

LTPA keys are used to encrypt the LTPA token. We might want to set a specific number of active keys that WAS returns when the server queries for keys for a particular key set.

The following steps are needed to complete this task in the admin console.


  1. Click Security > SSL certificate and key management > Manage endpoint security configurations.

  2. Expand the tree to the inbound or outbound management scope that contains the key set group, and then click the scope link.

  3. Under Related Items, click Key Sets.

  4. Click the key set to modify.

  5. In the Maximum number of keys referenced field, type a numerical value for the maximum number of keys to activate.

  6. Click OK and Save to save the changes to the master configuration.

  7. Start the server again for the changes to become active.

    WAS activates only the number of recent keys specified.



The Maximum number of keys referenced value determines how many active keys are returned when the server queries for keys for the selected key set.


Next steps

We can click Active key history in the Key set panel to display the keys that are active for this key set.

Lightweight Third Party Authentication key sets and key set groups


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