Audit service provider collection

The Audit service provider panel displays a listing of all configured audit service provider implementations. Using this panel, a user can define a new audit service provider implementation, delete an existing implementation, and display or modify the fields associated with an existing implementation.

To view this admin console page, click Security > Security Auditing > Audit service provider.

By default, the audit.xml will contain the audit service provider implementation which emits audit records to a binary filed-based text file. This implementation is used for Binary file- based audit service provider configurations. For each existing audit service provider in the list on this panel, the unique name, type and event formatting class associated with the audit service provider will be displayed.


The Name field is the unique name associated with the audit service provider implementation.


The Type field specifies if the implementation is a binary file-based implementation, SMF implementation or a third party implementation.

Event formatting module class name

The event formatting class is a class used to format the generic event data object into a format that is specific to the audit service provider implementation. For example, a third party audit service provider implementation might have an event formatting class that takes the generic event and translates it into XML data. There is no Event formatting module class for binary file-based implementations nor for SMF implementations.


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