Audit service provider settings

To define the implementation details of the audit service provider. There are three types of audit service providers: binary file-based, third party and SMF.

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Unique name associated with the audit service provider.

Third party emitter class name

Name of the class for this implementation. This field is only present for Third party emitter implementations.

Audit file location

Path to the binary log file.

Audit file size

Maximum size of a single binary log file. This value is defined in megabytes.

Maximum number of audit log files

Maximum number of binary log file to create before the oldest is replaced.

Event formatting module class name

Class used to format the generic event into a format that is specific to the audit service provider implementation. For example, a third party audit service provider implementation might have an event formatting class that takes the generic event and translates it into XML data.

Selectable filters

Available event filters. To enable a filter for an implementation, select the filter from the Selectable event filters list and then click >.

Enabled filters

Event filters that are currently enabled for an implementation. To disable a filter for an implementation, select the filter from the Enabled filters list and then click <.

Custom properties

Specifies any custom properties that might be used to add properties to a third party implementation. Custom properties are not available for binary file-based implementations or SMF implementations.

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