Set up a high availability environment



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The application server infrastructure that is managed by a high availability manager includes cells and clusters. These components relate closely to core groups, high availability groups, and the policy that controls the high availability infrastructure.

A high availability-managed environment must comply to the following rules:

The following diagram illustrates what a cell might look like in a high availability environment:


What to do next

Important: After you set up your WAS environment to comply with all of the high availability-managed environment rules, use the default core group to control this environment. DO NOT add additional core groups unless your environment absolutely requires them. Also, do not change the default configurations unless you are doing so to solve a specific problem or situation.

When you do make configuration changes, such as changing the policy for a high availability group or moving core group members between core groups in a multi-core group environment, make sure you fully understand the effect such changes will have on your entire environment.

Following are tasks you might perform to change the default configuration:

  1. Create additional core groups, if required..

  2. Modify the attributes of an existing core group.

  3. Modify the attributes of an existing high availability group policy.

  4. Create a new policy and associate it with a high availability group.

  5. Create core group access points if you create additional core groups.

  6. Set up IP addresses for communications within the core group if you are installing the Application Server on a system with multiple NICs.


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