Adding members to a core group


Before you begin

Two or more core groups must be defined for a single cell.



You might need to perform this task after you perform one of the following tasks:

When adding new members to a core group, remember that:



  1. In the administrative console, click Servers > Core groups > Core group settings > core_group_name > Core group servers.

  2. In the Select column, select the servers that you want to move.

    • If you are populating a new core group, at least one node agent or deployment manager must be moved to the new core group. Because node agents are created during profile creation, they are all initially members of the DefaultCoreGroup core group.

    • Make sure all of the servers you select to move are in stopped state. If you move a server that is not in stop state, depending on the server type (application server, deployment manager, or node agent), you might have to restart the server multiple times before it functions properly as a member of the new core group.

  3. Click Move. The Core groups > DefaultCoreGroup > Core group servers > Move administrative console panel is displayed showing the servers you want to move and the core group to which these servers currently belong.

  4. Indicate in the To core group field the core group to which you want these servers moved.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. Click Synchronize changes with Nodes and then Save to save your changes. If you fail to perform this step, and the server you are moving is a node agent, the node agent will not be functional after you restart it. It will continue to belong to its original core group and message HMGR0087I will be issued to the SystemOut.log file, indicating that a core group merger failed. Restarting the node agent again will solve this problem and make the node agent a functional member of the core group to which it was moved.



The appropriate servers reside in each core group defined for the cell.


What to do next

Start the servers you moved. If you moved a node agent, you do not have to restart the application servers associated with that node agent.


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