Change the configuration of a high availability group

High availability groups are dynamically created components of a core group. They cannot be configured directly but are directly affected by static data, such as policy configurations, which are specified at the core group level.


Before you begin

A high availability group has been established for a core group.



You might want to perform this task if you want to remove a high availability group from a cell.

Use the administrative console to activate or disable all of the members of a high availability group.



  1. In the administrative console, click Servers > Core groups > Core group settings.

  2. Click on the core group whose high availability groups you want to view.

  3. Click on the Runtime tab

  4. Specify a match criterion in the Group name properties field that matches the high availability group you want to enable or disable. (You can specify an asterisk (*) to get a list of all the high availability groups that are part of this core group.)

  5. Click show groups.

  6. The Status column of the High availability groups panel shows the state of the high availability groups in this core group that match the specified match criterion.

  7. In the Select column, indicate the high availability group whose state you want to change and then click Enable or Disable.

    • Enable activates members of the high availability group that are currently in the disabled state. If all of the members are already active, no action is taken.

    • Disable disables all of the high availability group members that are active.



It can take several minutes for this change to take affect.


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