Migrate from an operating system that is no longer supported



You can migrate an earlier WAS V4.0.x or V5.x release that is running on an operating system that Version 6.0 does not support.



  1. Start up the WAS V4.0.x or Version 5.x Administrative Server.

  2. Run the WASPreUpgrade command line migration tool. Run the command from the migration\bin (or migration/bin) directory in the platform_root of the V6 CD-ROM.

  3. Shut down the WAS V4.0.x or Version 5.x release by stopping all server nodes in the configuration, including the administrative server node.

  4. Tar or zip the backup directory and FTP it to another system.

  5. Install the new operating system, keeping the same host name. If possible, keep the system name and passwords the same as the old system. Place any database files related to applications you are migrating in the same path as the previous system. In general, try to keep paths the same. If you do change paths and names, refer to Migrating V5.x of WAS to a V6 stand-alone Application Server on a remote machine. Make any changes before running the WASPostUpgrade command below.

  6. FTP the backup directory from the other system and unzip it.

  7. Install the V6 product.

  8. Use the Profile Creation wizard to create a V6 profile.

  9. Run the WASPostUpgrade command line migration tool, from the bin directory of the V6 install_root. Specify the backup directory that you unzipped in step 6. See the WASPostUpgrade topic for proper command syntax

    install_root\bin\WASPostUpgrade  WAS_HOME\migration


What to do next

Return to Migrating product configurations to continue migrating.


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