Migrate V5.x of WAS to a V6 stand-alone Application Server on a remote machine

Use the migration tools to migrate between two machines.


Before you begin

Typically use the WASPreUpgrade and the WASPostUpgrade migration tools to upgrade from V5.x to V6 on the same machine.

However, some scenarios require that you migrate the V5.x configuration on one machine to V6 on a different machine. One of these scenarios is when you install new machines for your V6 environment but need to migrate your existing V5.x configuration from other machines.

If the node you are migrating is part of a deployment manager cell, migrate the V5.x deployment manager to V6 as described in Migrating Network Deployment, V5.x to a V6 deployment manager first, before continuing this procedure. The deployment manager node must always be at the highest release level within the cell.

To ensure that your operating system is supported by WAS V6, visit the following site for the most current list of supported hardware and software:

If you find that your operating system is not supported for migration to V6, see Migrating from an operating system that is no longer supported.



This task describes how to use the V6 migration tools to migrate WebSphere Application Server, V5.x to V6 on a separate machine.

The WASPreUpgrade tool saves the existing V5.x configuration into a migration-specific-backup directory. The WASPostUpgrade tool uses this directory to add the old configuration settings to the new V6 environment.



  1. Obtain the V6 product CD-ROM. On this CD is the migration/bin directory. This directory contains a special environment that use to run the WASPreUpgrade tool without installing V6.

  2. Save the current configuration using the WASPreUpgrade script from the migration/bin directory of the V6 product CD-ROM, which mount to the V5.x machine. Save the configuration in the migration-specific-backup directory on the V5.x machine.


    ./WASPreUpgrade.sh /filepath/migration-specific-backup /opt/WebSphere/AppServer


    WASPreUpgrade C:\filepath\migration-specific-backup C:\Program Files\WebSphere\AppServer
    The WASPreUpgrade tool provides status to the screen and to log files in the migration-specific-backup directory. ASCII log file names start with the text WASPreUpgrade and include a date and timestamp.

  3. Copy the migration-specific-backup directory from the V5.x machine to the V6 machine. Use the ftp command, shared storage, or some other mechanism to copy the directory to the new machine.

  4. Optional: Run the backupConfig tool from the 5.x install_root to create a backup of your 5.x environment.

  5. Install V6 of WebSphere Application Server. Install the same features as the earlier release.

  6. Create a profile with the Profile Creation wizard.

    Note: When you create the V6 profile, the NodeName you choose must match one of the NodeNames in the V4.0.x environment.

  7. Add the V5.x configuration to the V6 configuration. Use the WASPostUpgrade tool in the install_root/bin directory of the V6 installation to add the V5.x configuration to the V6 configuration.


    ./WASPostUpgrade.sh /filepath/migration-specific-backup


    WASPostUpgrade C:\filepath\migration-specific-backup
    The WASPostUpgrade tool records detailed information specific to each enterprise bean it deploys, in the migration-specific-backup/WASPostUpgrade.log file.

  8. Modify the configuration using the WebSphere Application Server 6 administration interfaces. Make these changes:

    1. Change user IDs and passwords to match security requirements. You might have to change user IDs and passwords if they are not identical to those in use on the V5.x machine.

    2. Change other machine-specific information. The configuration might refer to other software products or configurations that do not exist on the new machine. For example, the old machine might have a database. Modify the data source to point to the database on the old machine.



You have migrated WAS from V5.x to a remote V6 machine.


What to do next

Return to Migrating configuration data to continue.


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