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To migrate is to copy a configuration from a previous release into a new release. Migration does not uninstall the previous version.

To coexist is to run a new release on the same machine at the same time as you run an earlier or same release. To support coexistence, provide non-default port assignments during profile creation.

Use the following procedure to migrate applications and configurations:



  1. Prepare to migrate or update product prerequisites and corequisites to supported versions.

    Refer to the IBM WAS supported hardware, software, and APIs site for current requirements.

  2. Install the V6 product.

  3. Use the Migration wizard to migrate your configuration.

    The Migration wizard is new for V6; it provides a graphical user interface to the migration tools.

  4. Set up multiple versions of WAS to coexist. No run-time conflicts can exist for multiple instances and versions of WAS to run at the same time on the same machine. Potential conflicts can occur with your port assigments.

    1. Run V4 and V6 together, as described in Setting up V4.0.x and V6 coexistence.

    2. Run V5 and V6 together, as described in Setting up V5 and V6 coexistence.

    3. Run two concurrent V6 profiles, as described in Setting up V6 coexistence.

    4. Create more than one V6 profile on the same machine, as described in Using the Profile creation wizard.



You can coexist with, or migrate the applications and configuration from a previous version of WebSphere Application Server.


What to do next

Migration from V5 to V6 does not require extensive tuning. See Migrating product configurations for a description of fine tuning a migration. Part of the procedure for using the migration tools includes a description of what to tune after using the tools.

For more information on coexistence among releases, see Migration and coexistence overview.


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