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WebSphere Application Server contains migration tools that provide migration functionality.

The migration wizard provides a graphical user interface to these migration tools.

The migration tools migrate applications and configuration information to the new version, as described in...

For V5.x to V6, see also...

If you neither migrate nor coexist with an earlier version of WebSphere Application Server, you are choosing to ignore the previous installation, and you can run only one version at a time because of conflicting default port assignments.

It is possible for two versions of WAS to run at the same time without conflict if you use non-default ports for one of the WAS instances. To setup coexistence, during installation, select the radio button that states...

Install a new copy of the V6 Application Server product

You can resolve conflicting port assignments by specifying port assignments for coexistence during...

Migrating and coexisting have roughly opposite goals. The goal of migration is to reconstruct your earlier version in a nearly identical V6 environment, including...

The migration wizard uses the migration tools to migrate the previous configuration and applications.

The goal of coexistence is to create an environment that is not in conflict with an earlier version, so far as port settings are concerned. This allows both nodes to start and run at the same time. Coexistence processing changes the following configuration files:

See Port number settings in WAS versions for more information.

Consider these issues in a migration or coexistence scenario:


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