Manage shared libraries

Shared libraries are files used by multiple applications. Using the administrative console, one can define a shared library at the cell, node, or server level. You can then associate the library to an application or server to load the classes represented by the shared library in either a server-wide or application-specific class loader. Using an installed optional package, one can associate a shared library to an application by declaring the dependent library .jar file in the MANIFEST.MF file of the application. Refer to the J2EE 1.4 specification, section 8.2 for an example.



If your deployed applications use shared library files, define shared libraries for the library files and associate the libraries with specific applications or with an application server. Associating a shared library file with a server associates the file with all applications on the server. Use the Shared Libraries page to define new shared library files to the system and remove them.


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