Create shared libraries

Shared libraries are files used by multiple applications.



The first step for making a library file available to multiple applications deployed on a server is to create a shared library for each library file that your applications need. When you create the shared libraries, set variables for the library files.

Use the Shared Libraries page to create and configure shared libraries.



  1. Go to the Shared Libraries page. Click Environment > Shared Libraries in the console navigation tree.

  2. Change the scope of the collection table to see what shared libraries are in a cell, node, or server.

    1. Select the cell, a node, or a server.

    2. Click Apply.

  3. Click New.

  4. Configure the shared library.

    1. On the settings page for a shared library, specify the name, class path, and any other variables for the library file that are needed.

    2. Click Apply.

  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you define a shared library instance for each library file that your applications need.


What to do next

Using the administrative console, associate your shared libraries with specific applications or with the class loader of an application server. Associating a shared library file with a server class loader associates the file with all applications on the server.

Alternatively, use an installed optional package to associate your shared libraries with an application.


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