Associating shared libraries with applications

You can associate a shared library with an application. Classes represented by the shared library are then loaded in the application's class loader, making the classes available to the application.


Before you begin

This article assumes that you have defined a shared library at the cell, node, or server level. The shared library represents a library file used by multiple deployed applications.

This article also assumes that you want to use the administrative console, and not an installed optional package, to associate a shared library with an application.



To associate a shared library with an application, create and configure a library reference using the administrative console. A library reference specifies the name of the shared library file.

If you associate a shared library with an application, do not associate the same shared library with a server class loader.



  1. Click Applications > Enterprise Applications > appname > Libraries in the console navigation tree to access the Library Ref page.

  2. Click Add.

  3. On the settings page for a library reference, specify variables for the library reference as needed. The variables identify the shared library file that your application uses.

  4. Click Apply.



The name of the library reference is shown in the list on the Library Ref page.


What to do next

Repeat steps 2 through 4 until you define a library reference instance for each shared library that your application requires.


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