Cannot uninstall an application or remove a node or appserver

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After uninstalling application through the wsadmin tool, the application throws "DocumentIOException"

If this exception occurs after the application was uninstalled using wsadmin with the -conntype NONE option...


The removeNode command does not remove the installed application from the deployment manager

If the applications were installed indirectly using the addNode program with the -includeapps option, then removeNode will not uninstall them, since they may be in use by other nodes. These applications must be explicitly uninstalled... through the administrative console.


I cannot display the syntax for the removeNode command

Unlike the addNode command, the removeNode command is valid with no parameters, so executing it will execute the operation, that is, remove the node, without displaying the command syntax.

To see the valid options for removeNode, execute removeNode -? or removeNode -help.


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