WSIF architecture

The components of this architecture include...

WSDL document The Web service WSDL document contains the location of the Web service. The binding document defines the protocol and format for operations and messages defined by a particular portType.

WSIF service The WSIFService interface is responsible for generating an instance of the WSIFOperation interface to use for a particular invocation of a service operation. For more information, see Finding a port factory or service

WSIF operation The run-time representation of an operation, called WSIFOperation is responsible for invoking a service based on a particular binding. For more information, see WSIF API reference... Using ports.

WSIF provider A WSIF provider is an implementation of a WSDL binding that can run a WSDL operation through a binding-specific protocol. WSIF includes SOAP providers, JMS providers, Java providers and EJB providers. For more information, see Using the WSIF providers.


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