Use the EJB provider

Using the EJB provider, WSIF clients can invoke enterprise beans.

The EJB client JAR file must be available in the client run-time with the current provider. The enterprise bean is invoked using normal EJB invocation methods, using Remote Method Invocation over Internet Inter-Orb Protocol (RMI-IIOP), with the current security and transaction contexts. If the EJB provider is invoked within a transaction, the transaction is passed to the onward service and the standard EJB transaction attribute applies.

If there are multiple implementations of the service, it is up to the service providers to make sure that every implementation offers the same semantics. For example, in the case of transactions, the bean deployer must specify TX_REQUIRES_NEW to force a new transaction.

For examples of the code changes that need to be made in the WSDL file, see The EJB provider - Writing the WSDL.


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