Using the SOAP provider

The SOAP provider allows WSIF stubs and dynamic clients to invoke SOAP services.

The Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) SOAP provider supports SOAP 1.1 over HTTP. The SOAP provider uses Apache SOAP 2.3 for parsing and creating SOAP messages, but it is not limited to invoking services from Apache SOAP.

The WSIF SOAP provider supports...

The SOAP provider is not transactional.

If you have a Web service that you expect multiple clients to use connecting over SOAP, then before you deploy the service you must set up your application deployment descriptor file dds.xml to handle multiple connections correctly. For more information, see WSIF troubleshooting tips.

For an example of the sort of code changes that need to be made in the WSDL file for a SOAP provider, see the following topics...


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