Troubleshoot migration problems

To resolve problems encountered in migrating an application from an older version of WAS to version 5, determine whether your problems occur using the pre-upgrade tool or the post-upgrade tool.

If none of these steps fixes your problem,


Errors using the WASPreUpgrade tool

What kind of error are you encountering?


Errors using the WASPostUpgrade tool

What kind of error are you encountering?


"Not found" or "no such file or directory" message is returned from the WASPostUpgrade or WASPreUpgrade tool

This problem can occur if you are trying to run the WASPostUpgrade tool or the WASPreUpgrade tool from a directory other than $WAS_HOME\bin. Verify that the WASPostUpgrade or WASPreUpgrade .bat or .sh files reside in the $WAS_HOME\bin directory, and launch either file from that location.


DB2 JDBC driver and DB2 JDBC driver (XA) cannot be found in the drop down list of supported JDBC providers in the administrative console

Starting in WebSphere Application Server, Version 5.1, the administrative console will no longer display deprecated JDBC provider names. The new JDBC provider names used in the administrative console are more descriptive and less confusing. The new providers will differ only by name from the deprecated ones.

The deprecated names will continue to exist in the jdbc-resource-provider-templates.xml file for migration reasons (for example, for existing JACL scripts). However, you are encouraged to use the new JDBC provider names in your JACL scripts.


MIGR0102E: Invalid Command Line. MIGR0105E... You must specify the primary node name.

The most likely cause of this error is that Version 4.0.x of the WAS is installed, and the WASPostUpgrade tool was not run from the bin directory of the WAS v5 installation root.

If the following messages appear when the WASPostUpgrade tool is run, the Version 4.0 migration tool was run...

To correct this problem, run the WASPostUpgrade command from the bin directory of the WAS Version 5 installation root.


MIGR0108E: The specified WebSphere directory does not contain WebSphere version that can be upgraded.

Several possible reasons for this error exist...


MIGR0116E: The backup directory [migration_backup_directory] does not contain the required xml data file. error returned from the WASPostUpgrade tool.

If Version 4.0.x of WebSphere Application Server is installed, you might not have run the WASPostUpgrade tool from the bin directory of the V5 installation root.


MIGR0125E: The call to XMLConfig was not successful error when trying to run WASPreUpgrade

The WASPreUpgrade tool saves selected files from WAS Version 3.5.x and Version 4.x bin directories. It also exports the existing appserver configuration from the repository.

If you are migrating from WAS Version 4.0.x Advanced Edition, the WASPreUpgrade command calls the XMLConfig command to export the existing appserver configuration from the repository. If errors occur during this part of the WASPreUpgrade command, you might have to apply fixes to the installation to successfully complete the export step. Contact IBM Support for the latest applicable fixes.


MIGR0253E: The backup directory migration_backup_directory does not exist. error returned from the WASPostUpgrade tool

Several possible reasons for this error exist:

For current information available from IBM Support on known problems and their resolution, see IBM Support page.

IBM Support has documents that can save you time gathering information needed to resolve this problem. Before opening a PMR, see IBM Support page.


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