Manage appservers

To view information about an appserver, use the Application Servers of the administrative console..

Network Deployment and z/OS WAS

For the Network Deployment and z/OS products, you can use the Application Servers page of the administrative console to manage appservers. Or, if you prefer, you can also use the wasadmin tool or command line tools such as startServer and stopServer for managing application servers.

Base WAS

For the Base WAS product, although you can use the administrative console to create a new server definition, you cannot use it to start, stop or, in any way, control or manage that server. The Base product administrative console can only be used to create server definitions and, if necessary, adjust the server definitions that it creates. To manage Base application servers, use the wasadmin tool or the command line tools such as startServer and stopServer.

For the Base WAS product, manage each application server from the console that is hosted by that appserver process.

  1. Access the Application Servers page. Click Servers > Application Servers in the console navigation tree.

  2. View information about appservers.The Application Servers page lists appservers in the cell and the nodes holding the appservers.

    To view additional information about a particular appserver or to further configure an application server, click on the appserver name under Name. This accesses the settings page for an application server.

    To view product information for an appserver...

    1. Verify that the appserver is running.

    2. Display the Runtime tab on the settings page for an appserver.

    3. Click Product Information.

    The Product Information page displayed lists the WebSphere Application Server products installed for the appserver, the version and build levels for the products, the build dates, and any interim fixes applied to the appserver.

  3. Create an appserver. Click New and follow the instructions on the Create New Application Server page.

  4. Monitor the running of appservers.

  5. Delete an Application Server.

    1. Click Servers > Application Servers in the console navigation tree to access the Application Servers page.

    2. Place a checkmark in the check box beside an appserver to delete it.

    3. Click Delete.

    4. Click OK to confirm the deletion.


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