Detecting and handling problems with run-time components

You must monitor the status of run-time components to ensure that, once started, they remain operational as needed.

  1. Regularly examine the status of run-time components. Browse messages displayed under Websphere Runtime Messages in the WebSphere status area at the bottom of the console. The run-time event messages marked with a red X provide detailed information on event processing. You can also use the Logging and Tracing page of the administrative console to monitor the status of run-time components. Click Troubleshooting > Logs and Trace in the console navigation tree to access the page.

  2. If an application stops running when it should be operational, examine the application's status on an Applications page and try cycling the application.

  3. If the run-time components do not restart, re-examine the messages and read information on problem determination to help you to restart the components.