JDBC and data source troubleshooting tips

To see whether your specific problem has been addressed, review the Cannot access a data source topic. If you cannot find your problem described there, investigate the problem further by using the following instructions to enable tracing for relevant WAS components.

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Trace strings for JDBC data sources

Turn on JDBC tracing by using the following trace strings...

The trace group that includes the trace strings is WAS.database.


JDBC trace properties

Use a back-end database that supports JDBC tracing. Setting trace strings does not result in a trace if the database does not support JDBC tracing. The following databases offer JDBC tracing at this time:

Set the level of trace desired for DB2 Universal database and Oracle as custom properties on the datasource.

If JDBC tracing does not provide enough information to isolate and fix your problem, check to see if the problem has been identified and documented by looking at the available online support (hints and tips, technotes, and fixes). If you do not find your problem listed there, contact IBM Support.

For current information available from IBM Support on known problems and their resolution, see IBM Support page.

IBM Support has documents that can save you time gathering information needed to resolve this problem. Before opening a PMR, see IBM Support page.


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