Configure session management by level

When you configure session management at the Web container level, all applications and the respective Web modules in the Web container normally inherit that configuration, setting up a basic default configuration for the applications and Web modules below it.

However, you can set up different configurations individually for specific applications and Web modules that vary from the Web container default. These different configurations override the default for these applications and Web modules only.

When you overwrite the default session management settings on the application level, all the Web modules below that application inherit this new setting unless they too are set to overwrite these settings.

  1. Open the Administrative console.

  2. Select the level that this configuration applies to...

  3. Under Additional Properties, click Session Management.

  4. Make whatever changes you need to manage sessions

  5. If you are working on the Web module or application level and want these settings to override the inherited Session Management settings, under General Properties, select Overwrite.

  6. Click Apply and Save.


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