Configure for database session persistence

To configure the session management facility for database session persistence, complete the following...

  1. Define a JDBC provider.

  2. Create a data source pointing to an existing database, using the JDBC provider that you defined. The data source should be non-JTA, for example, non-XA enabled. Note the JNDI name of the data source.Under Data Sources > datasource_name > Custom Properties, make sure the correct database is entered for the value of the databaseName property. If necessary, contact your database administrator to verify the correct database name.

  3. Go to the appropriate level of Session Management.

  4. Click Distributed Environment Settings

  5. Select and click Database.

  6. Specify the Data Source JNDI name from step 2.

  7. Specify the database user ID and password for accessing the database.

  8. Retype the password for confirmation.

  9. Configure a table space and page sizes for DB2 session databases.

  10. Switch to a multirow schema.

  11. Click OK.

  12. If you want to change the tuning parameters, click Custom Tuning Parameters and select a setting or customize one.

  13. Click Apply.

  14. Click Save.


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