Configure appservers

An appserver configuration provides settings that control how an appserver provides services for running enterprise applications and their components.

This section describes how to create and configure appservers, and how to otherwise handle server configurations.

A WAS administrator can configure one or more application servers and perform tasks such as the following...

  1. Create application servers.

  2. Manage application servers.

  3. Configure transports.

  4. Develop custom services.

  5. Define processes for the appserver. As part of defining processes, you can define process execution statements for starting or initializing a UNIX process, monitoring policies to track the performance of a process, process logs to which standard out and standard error streams write, and name-value pairs for properties.

  6. Use the Java virtual machine.

After preparing a server, deploy an application or component on the server. See "Preparing to host applications" for a sample procedure that you might follow in configuring the application server run-time and resources.


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