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Installation overview for token licensing

The installation process overview for the use of IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation with token licensing enabled

Before you begin

Review Planning for the use of token licensing.


If you intend to use token licensing with IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation, make sure that you go through the following preliminary steps in this order.



  1. Activate token licensing when you run IBM® Installation Manager to install IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation.
    Graphic mode installation
    If you install the product in graphic mode, select Activate token licensing with the Rational License Key Server option in the General settings panel during the installation.

    Figure 1. Activating token licensing during the installation of the product.

    In the Activate token licensing section of the General settings panel, you are given the choice to activate or not to activate token licensing with Rational License Key Server. For more information about running IBM Installation Manager, see Running IBM Installation Manager.

    Command line mode installation
    If you install in silent mode, set the value as true to the parameter in the response file.

    For example, we can use:
    imcl install -repositories mfp_repository_dir/MobileFirst_Platform_Server/disk1 -properties user.appserver.selection2=none,user.database.selection2=none,user.database.preinstalled=false,user.use.ios.edition=false, -acceptLicense

    For more information about installing MobileFirst Server in command line mode, see Installing by running IBM Installation Manager in command line.

  2. Deploy the MobileFirst Server to an application server after the product installation is complete. For more information, see Installing MobileFirst Server to an application server.
  3. Configure MobileFirst Server for token licensing. The steps depend on your application server.

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