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Install by running IBM Installation Manager in command line

Run Installation Manager in command line mode to install MobileFirst Server.

Before you begin

Before you begin with the installation, make sure to go through the following sections:


To get familiar about installing the product with Installation Manager in command line mode, see Installing IBM Installation Manager and Installing MobileFirst Server in the installation tutorial.

The MobileFirst Server installer requires some parameters during the installation process. You need to pass the value of the parameters in the command line for simple cases. Another way is to define them in the XML response file and run the installation by using the response file.

The installation by command line in this procedure does not require a response file. It does not deploy Application Center. We can later deploy it with Ant tasks. For more information, see Installing and configuring the Application Center.

However, if you prefer to install and deploy Application Center with Installation Manager, you need a response file. See Installing by using XML response files (silent installation).


  1. Review the license agreement for MobileFirst Server. The license files can be viewed when you download the installation repository from Passport Advantage®.
  2. Extract the compressed file of MobileFirst Server repository, that you downloaded, to a folder.

    We can download the repository from the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation eAssembly on IBM Passport Advantage. The name of the pack is IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8.0 .zip file of Installation Manager Repository for IBM MobileFirst Platform Server.

    In the steps that follow, the directory where you extract the installer is referred as mfp_repository_dir. It contains a MobileFirst_Platform_Server/disk1 folder.

  3. Start a command line and go to installation_manager_install_dir/tools/eclipse/.
  4. If you accept the license agreement after the review in step 1, install MobileFirst Server.
    • For an installation without token licensing enforcement (if you do not have a contract that defines the use of token licensing), enter the command:

      imcl install -repositories mfp_repository_dir/MobileFirst_Platform_Server/disk1 -properties user.appserver.selection2=none,user.database.selection2=none,user.database.preinstalled=false,,user.use.ios.edition=false -acceptLicense

    • For an installation with token licensing enforcement, enter the command:

      imcl install -repositories mfp_repository_dir/MobileFirst_Platform_Server/disk1 -properties user.appserver.selection2=none,user.database.selection2=none,user.database.preinstalled=false,,user.use.ios.edition=false -acceptLicense

      The value of property is set to true. You must configure MobileFirst Server for token licensing. For more information, see token licensing for MobileFirst Server, we must install the Rational Common Licensing library and configure your application server to connect MobileFirst Server to the Rational License Key Server.">Installing and configuring for token licensing.

    The following properties are set to install MobileFirst Server without Application Center:

    • user.appserver.selection2=none
    • user.database.selection2=none
    • user.database.preinstalled=false

    This property indicates whether token licensing is activated or not:

    Set the value of the user.use.ios.edition property to false to install IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation.

  5. If we want to install with the latest interim fix, add the interim fix repository in the -repositories parameter. The -repositories parameter takes a comma-separated list of repositories.
    1. Add the version of the interim fix by replacing with version has the form For example, if you install the interim fix, enter the command: imcl install -repositories....

      For more information about the imcl command, see Installation Manager: Installing packages by using imcl commands.


An installation directory that contains the resources to install MobileFirst components is installed.

We can find the resources in the following folders:

We can also find some shortcuts for the Server Configuration Tool, Ant, and mfpadm program in the shortcuts folder.

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