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Planning for the use of token licensing

If the token licensing is purchased for MobileFirst Server, you have extra steps to consider in the installation planning.

Technical restrictions
Here are the technical restrictions for the use of token licensing:

Supported Platforms:
The list of platforms that support token licensing is listed at Limitations of supported platforms for token licensing. The MobileFirst Server running on a platform that is not listed might not be possible to install and configure for token licensing. The native libraries for the Rational® Common Licensing client might not available for the platform or not supported.
Supported Topologies:
The topologies that are supported by token licensing is listed at Constraints on MobileFirst Server administration service, MobileFirst Server live update service and MobileFirst runtime.
Network requirement
MobileFirst Server must be able to communicate with the Rational License Key Server.

This communication requires the access to the following two ports of the license server:

  • License manager daemon (lmgrd) port - the default port number is 27000.
  • Vendor daemon (ibmratl) port
To configure the ports so that they use static values, see How to serve a license key to client machines through a firewall.
Installation Process
You need to activate token licensing when you run the IBM® Installation Manager at installation time. For more information about the instructions for enabling token licensing, see Installation overview for token licensing.

After MobileFirst Server is installed, we must manually configure the server for token licensing. For more information, see the following topics in this section.

The MobileFirst Server is not functional before you complete this manual configuration. The Rational Common Licensing client library is to be installed in your application server, and you define the location of the Rational License Key Server.

After you install and configure IBM MobileFirst Platform Server for token licensing, the server validates licenses during various scenarios. For more information about the retrieval of tokens during operations, see Token license validation.

If you need to test a non-production application on a production server with token licensing enabled, we can declare the application as non-production. For more information about declaring the application type, see Setting the application license information.

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