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Install by using XML response files (silent installation)

If we want to install IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Application Center with IBM® Installation Manager in command line, you need to provide a large list of arguments. In this case, use the XML response files to provide these arguments.


Silent installations are defined by an XML file that is called a response file. This file contains the necessary data to complete installation operations silently. Silent installations are started from the command line or a batch file.

We can use Installation Manager to record preferences and installation actions for our response file in user interface mode. Alternatively, you can create a response file manually by using the documented list of response file commands and preferences.

Silent installation is described in the Installation Manager user documentation, see Working in silent mode.

There are two ways to create a suitable response file:

Both of these methods are documented in the following sections.

In addition, for a list of the parameters that are created in the response file by the Installation Manager wizard, see Command-line (silent installation) parameters.

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