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What's new in deploying and managing apps

IBM MobileFirst™ Platform FoundationV8.0.0 comes with capabilities to help you deploy and manage your apps. We can now update your apps and adapters without restarting MobileFirst Server.

Improved DevOps support

MobileFirst Server has been significantly redesigned to better support your DevOps environment. MobileFirst Server is installed once into the application server environment, and no changes to the application server configuration are required when you upload an application or change the MobileFirst Server configuration.

You do not need to restart MobileFirst Server when you update your apps or any adapters that your apps depend on. We can perform configuration operations, or upload a new version of an adapter or register a new application while the server is still handling traffic.

Configuration changes and development operations are protected by security roles. For details, see Configuring user authentication for MobileFirst Server administration.

We can upload development artifacts to the server in various ways to give you more operational flexibility:

Development artifacts that you upload to the server include adapters and their configuration, security configurations for our apps, push notification certificates, and log filters.

For more information about the new MobileFirst Server design, see Deploying MobileFirst applications to test and production environments and Development concepts and overview.

Running applications that were created on IBM Bluemix on IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation

Developers can migrate IBM® Bluemix applications to run on IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation. Migration requires that you make configuration changes to our client application to match IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation APIs.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation as a service on IBM Bluemix

We can now use the IBM Mobile Foundation for Bluemix® service on IBM Bluemix to create and run your enterprise mobile apps. For more information, see Deploying the MobileFirst Server to the cloud.

No .wlapp files

In previous versions, applications were deployed to MobileFirst Server by uploading a .wlapp file. The file contained data that described the application and, in the case of hybrid applications, the required web resources also. In V8.0.0, instead of the .wlapp file:

To enable Direct Update of client Cordova apps that are installed on end-user devices, we must now deploy the modified web resources as an archive (.zip file) to the server. To enable secure Direct Update, a user-defined keystore file must be deployed in MobileFirst Server and a copy of the matching public key must be included in the deployed client application. For more information about Direct Update, see Updating Cordova client apps directly.


Adapters are Apache Maven projects
Starting from V8.0.0, MobileFirst adapters are treated as Maven projects. We can create, build, and deploy adapters by using standard command-line Maven commands or using any IDE that supports Maven, such as Eclipse and IntelliJ. For more information, see Adapters as Apache Maven projects.
Adapter configuration and deployment in DevOps environments

  • Starting with V8.0.0 of MobileFirst Server, administrators can use the MobileFirst Operations Console to modify the behavior of an adapter that has been deployed. After reconfiguration, the changes take effect in the server immediately, without the need to redeploy the adapter, or restart the server. For more information see Configuring adapters.
  • Starting with V8.0.0, we can "hot deploy" adapters, meaning deploy, undeploy, and redeploy them at run time, while MobileFirst Server is still serving traffic.
Changes in the adapter descriptor file
The adapter.xml descriptor file for V8.0.0 has changed slightly.

Integration with Swagger UI
Starting from V8.0.0, MobileFirst Server integrates with Swagger UI. For any adapter, we can view the associated API by clicking View Swagger Docs in the Resources tab in the MobileFirst Operations Console. The feature is available in development environments only.
Support for JavaScript adapters
V8.0.0 supports JavaScript adapters with HTTP and SQL connectivity types, only.
Support for JAX-RS 2.0
JAX-RS 2.0 introduces new server-side functionality: server-side asynchronous HTTP, filters and interceptors. MobileFirst adapters can now exploit these new features. For more information see Implementing the JAX-RS service of the adapter.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Containers

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Containers released for V8.0.0 is available on the IBM Passport Advantage® site. This version of IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Containers is production ready and supports enterprise dashDB™ transactional database on IBM Bluemix.

Note: See the prerequisites for deploying IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Containers .

Learn more about Deploying to the cloud in an IBM Container.

Deploying MobileFirst Server V8.0.0 on IBM PureApplication System

We can now deploy and configure MobileFirst Server V8.0.0 to the supported IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation System Pattern on IBM PureApplication® System.

All supported IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation System Pattern now include support for an existing IBM DB2® database.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Center is now supported on a Virtual System Pattern.

Learn more about Deploying MobileFirst Server on IBM PureApplication System.

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