Preparing IBM Connections for maintenance 

When you migrate or update IBM Connections, let your users know about any planned outages.

Before you begin

If you are migrating from release 2.5, ensure that your systems meet the requirements for IBM Connections 3.0.1. For more information, see the IBM Connections system requirements topic.

About this task

Add Location and ErrorDocument stanzas to the httpd.conf file before migrating. When your deployment is offline, users are directed to a maintenance page.

To bring down the product in preparation for updating or migrating...


  1. Inform users of the planned outage and let them know when the maintenance work will begin and how long it will last. You can send email notifications to community members or post a message to an area of the product that is used to provide site status information.

  2. Perform one of the following steps:

    • Stop the IBM HTTP Server – only do this if no other applications are using the IBM HTTP Server.

    • Keep the webserver running but prevent user-access to the deployment during the migration or update. To accomplish this, set up a maintenance page and create a rewrite rule in the httpd.conf configuration file for the IBM HTTP Server to redirect requests for IBM Connections:

      1. Create an HTML document notifying users of the server maintenance window. The maintenance page can inform users that IBM Connections is temporarily unavailable because of scheduled maintenance work. Point to the maintenance page via these ErrorDocument statements:

        • ErrorDocument 401 /upgrading.htm

        • ErrorDocument 403 /upgrading.htm

      2. Add the following element to your httpd.conf file to block all non-authorized IP addresses from reaching the server and to send the user to the upgrading.html page:

          <Location / >
          Order Deny,Allow
          Deny from all
          Allow from <your.ip.address>
          Allow from <>

          Note: You must have an Allow element for every instance of WAS in your deployment.

What to do next

When the migration or update is complete, remove the Location and ErrorDocument stanzas from the httpd.conf file.

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